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Internet becomes playground for the fraudsters – Beware of these financial scams

Covid time glued us to the computer’s chairs and keyboards. However, we must say that thanks to the web, our lives have been much more manageable. Imagine lockdown without home food delivery, E-commerce services, various streaming services, online tutoring in any field you like.

On the other hand, the internet sphere has flourished with the fraudsters in all mentioned areas of activities, financial scams being the most prominent of all. Different niches have also been struck. Let’s take a look at who these fraudsters are and how to avoid them and protect yourself.

Patent scams

The pandemic years have drawn many new online investors in financial markets. The commodity market, Forex, or stock exchange have been interesting for them and investing in new businesses, patents, and ICO projects.

The latter stands for Initial Coin Offering, the phase that consists of collecting money for a good crypto token tied with some new product or service.

Investors need to be particularly vigilant when it comes to financial scam, patents, and new business concepts, especially having in mind the latest scandal with Omri Shafran and its medical equipment scam.

Online tutoring scammers

Who would say this is also the opportunity for fraud. Well, yes, you could be a victim of dishonest people representing themselves as tutors living in your local area and mastering the subject you need.

How do they operate? Usually, it goes by sending a phishing email, representing them falsely. They can say they live in your area, using the false some typical Anglo American name. Most importantly, they will try to get the money from you for a block of courses or tutoring hours.

Also, once they find you prone to accept the deal, they will send you a check with some excess payments and various types of excuses. Then they will require you to deposit it in your bank. And when the check passes, they will ask you to send them the excess amount. The time you send the excess amount to them, the banks will notice the check was counterfeit and will deduct all the sent sum from your account. Tricky scheme requires a lot of vigilance.

Ecommerce scams

Almost all of us are quite familiar with the Nigerian king and his famous later for helping him retrieve his funds, offering a significant percentage if you do so. With time, e-commerce scams have become more perfidy and sometimes hard to notice.

First of all, once you find yourself on the eCommerce website, check if in the left corner of the search bar you see HTTPS instead of just HTTP. The latter is the red flag since the site is not secured. When the security is in question, all sensitive data on your computer could be stolen by hackers. Moreover, your computer could completely go crazy thanks to malicious software you have been infected with.

In Conclusion

As you can notice, the internet could be your best friend and the mining field if you are too naïve. Arm yourself with the knowledge and only visit reputable websites to protect your business and your hard-earned money.

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