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Digital Parking and Its Benefits

With more than 90 million vehicles and light cars sold every year, the large enterprises and commercial sector are progressively facing many parking problems. Ensuring enough parking space is available for employees, visitors, and clients is a priority for retailers, hospitals, and hotels.

As the demand for parking increases, inefficient and uncoordinated management may impair performance and profit for businesses. However, in the wake of IoT (Internet of Things), digital parking systems offer innovative answers to these challenges.

The Development of Digital Parking

As the state authorities take important steps to achieve their goals, digital parking is changing different traditional infrastructures, including that of parking. In most states, traditional parking is now developing into digital as garages, airports, shopping malls, and universities embrace this new technology. Currently, digital parking has basically rendered positive results by enhancing the quality of life for most residents.

In countries like the UK, only 16% of drivers prefer payments by cash, while the other portion finds parking payment automation through contactless methods, such as card, app, and website suitable. Therefore, digital parking has become a win-win situation for space owners and people looking for parking lots.

How Digital Parking Works

Digital parking is enabled and powered by smart parking mobile applications, which allow users to complete their registration process. In this process, users have to register their cars, and once it’s done, they can look for parking garages that are just nearby. After choosing a parking garage, users may select a parking duration before making payments.

Some of the payment methods that users can use include:

  • Scanning QR-code
  • E-wallets
  • Credit or debit cards
  • RFID
  • NFC

In every complete transaction, users will get a notification. In addition to that, users will also be reminded when their parking sessions would end. With this, users may have the option of extending their sessions through smartphones, without necessarily going back to the car.

Main Benefits of Digital Parking

Smart parking is not based on creating more spaces but making it simple for drivers to locate the existing ones faster. Drivers cruising around parking lots worsen traffic because they drive slower than those who do not search for a place to park their cars. In addition, such drivers are likely to get into accidents. This puts pedestrians’ lives at risk, and once accidents happen, there would be further delays because moving damaged cars takes a lot of time.

Installing a parking management system for the first time in your parking space needs the consensus of workers and the staff members who will be using it 24 hours or 24/7. Employees have to be comfortable with the development and willing to study new things through training sessions. However, the best thing about investing in this technology is that you can easily install the system and have a minimal training set. The technology is easy to use and implement and can improve the whole operational process. Beyond that, digital parking can also:

  • Eliminate distractions
  • Enhance the experience of users
  • Pinpoint inefficiencies
  • Generate new revenue streams

In a Nutshell – Digital Parking is the Ultimate Solution!

Digital parking is among the fastest and most adopted solutions across the globe. Universities, city garages, airports, and shopping centers are just a few entities that have started to realize the benefits of digital parking technology. The ability to analyze, connect, and automate information collected from devices powered by IoT is what’s making digital parking effective and possible.

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