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5 Myths on COVID 19 You Need to Stop Believing Now!

From its initial origin in Wuhan, China, the novel coronavirus – or COVID 19 – has now spread to every corner of the globe. The growing wave of infection has, in turn, lead to a rising wave of fear among people. A lot of this fear can be blamed on the prevalence of many myths about COVID 19.

With so much knowledge out there, it is often hard to sieve fact from fiction. From social media posts to forwards on smartphone messaging apps, misinformation gets around quick. This misinformation can prove detrimental to your well-being as it may stand in the way of you following the right course of action during the pandemic. Keeping in mind the current situation, we list out 5 common myths about COVID 19 that have been doing the rounds.

Myth 1: Including more vitamin C in your diet will help cure a COVID 19 infection

Fact: There is no conclusive evidence that Vitamin C will cure you from COVID 19. An increased intake of Vitamin C-rich foods will help you build better immunity, but for treatment for COVID 19 symptoms always follow the prescribed course of medication given by your doctor.

Myth 2: Being infected with COVID may lead to higher health insurance premiums or difficulty in getting coverage even if the patient has recovered

Fact: Pre-existing lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and hypertension are known to impact health insurance premiums. If you have successfully recovered from COVID 19, the fact that you were infected with COVID 19 alone will not have an impact on your health insurance premium. COVID 19 is not being considered as a pre-existing illness by insurance providers.

Myth 3: Drinking lots of warm water can flush out a COVID 19 infection

Fact: Drinking plenty of warm water can provide much relief if you are affected with a dry cough which is known to be a COVID 19 symptom. However, there is no proof that drinking copious amounts of water will flush out an infection. Drinking plenty of water is considered to be good practice, but make sure you report any symptoms to your doctor as well.

Myth 4: Only the elderly can be affected by COVID 19

Fact: This myth probably has its origin in the fact that a COVID 19 infection is more severe in the elderly as they generally suffer from comorbidities. However, remember that the virus can affect any one of any age and this includes children too. So, make sure to instruct your children on proper methods of washing their hands and wearing a face mask. Also, ensure that your children have adequate medical coverage by including them in a family floater health insurance plan.


Myth 5: Eating garlic will keep you safe from a COVID 19 infection

Fact: Garlic is known to have certain antimicrobial properties and this has perhaps given rise to this myth. However, there is no substantial proof yet that this bulb-shaped food has any role in keeping you safe from COVID 19.

We hope this article has helped in unveiling the truth behind the many prevalent myths surrounding COVID. Remember to only rely on genuine sources of information, practice social distancing, and look after your health. Do also make sure to review your health insurance policy and make the necessary upgrades to your coverage, if required.

Stay safe and take care.

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